To Desire a Devil

Written by Elizabeth Hoyt
Review by Nanette Donohue

Beatrice Corning, niece of the Earl of Blanchard, is secretly attracted to a handsome man depicted in a portrait that hangs in her home. When a mysterious man crashes one of her uncle’s political teas, it brings excitement and scandal both—it seems that the madman is Reynaud St. Aubyn, the long-lost son of the previous earl, who was captured by Indians while serving in the military in America, and was presumed dead. Though Reynaud survived his captivity, he is plagued by emotional and physical scars, but he finds that Beatrice awakens something within him that he believed was lost forever.

The final novel in the Four Soldiers quartet demonstrates that Elizabeth Hoyt is a master of historical romance. The love story is engaging and entertaining, but it is also layered with a healthy dose of political and social commentary that applies both to the era of the novel (the 1760s) and to the present day. Beatrice and Reynaud are well-matched characters who experience significant personal growth as their relationship blooms. Highly recommended for all fans of historical romance.