HNR Issue 50 (November 2009)

A Boardwalk Story

By J. Louis Yampolsky - Published 2009


Fifteen-year-old Jack Laurel comes of age in his home town – Atlantic City, still the “Playground of the World” even in 1939, the tenth year ...Read Review

King Arthur’s Bones

By The Medieval Murderers - Published 2009



This is an anthology of mystery novellas by the writing team of Michael Jecks, Susanna Gregory, Bernard Knight, Ian Morson, and Philip Gooden, ...Read Review

Pirate Hunter

By Tom Morrisey - Published 2009



This story interweaves between the 18th century in the West Indies and Key West of the 21st century. Captain Henry Thatch, a notorious ...Read Review

New York: The Novel

By Edward Rutherfurd - Published 2009



Edward Rutherfurd says that “New York’s magnificent gift to the storyteller is a four-century history as exciting as that of any place ...Read Review

The Book of the Alchemist

By Adam Williams - Published 2009


Imagine the Arabian Nights transposed to the Spanish Civil War, or rather the narrator transposed to Andalusia in 1938, for like Scheherazade the narrator ...Read Review

Transgression: A Novel of Love and War

By James W. Nichol - Published 2009



In 1941, in German-occupied France, 16-year-old Adele Georges meets Manfred Halder. Halder, a 19-year-old German working as a clerk, offers to help Adele find ...Read Review

Sure and Certain Death: A Francis Hancock Mystery

By Barbara Nadel - Published 2009



Francis Hancock is a middle-aged, half-English, half-Indian undertaker whose London “manor” is being systematically dismantled by Hitler’s Luftwaffe in World War Two. ...Read Review

Velva Jean Learns to Drive

By Jennifer Niven - Published 2009


In 1933, when she is ten years old, Velva Jean Hart is saved for the first time. And she is “saved” with the full ...Read Review

A Time for Every Season

By Shelagh Noden - Published 2009



This is, I suppose, a saga, although it covers many themes – murder, blackmail, medicine, war and farming, to name a few. Set during ...Read Review

Shadow on the Land

By Wayne D. Overholser - Published 2009



In 1909, the Pacific Northwest had become an attractive place to settle. Several railroad lines competed for the lucrative rail business into central Oregon. ...Read Review

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