To Capture Her Heart

Written by Rebecca DeMarino
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

New York, 1653. The Hortons are well-established on Long Island now, and this second novel in a series continues their story. They are friendly with the native people, and Benjamin Horton, disappointed in love, has now focused his hopes on a beautiful Montaukett woman, Heather Flower. She has been recently widowed, and must grieve before she can consider remarrying. Dirk Van Buren, the young Dutchman who rescued her from peril, also loves her. The Dutch and English are at war, and this makes the love triangle politically fraught as Heather Flower struggles to recover and move her life forward.

All the main characters draw strength from their religious faith in this long, slow, inspirational story. This book stands alone, but reads like a bridge between DeMarino’s first Horton novel and a possible sequel, which could give a complete, welcome resolution to the plot lines. There are many minor characters identified mostly by their first names, which makes it hard to keep them straight. Vivid descriptions of colonial life are well-researched and should help hold the readers’ interest. This is a pleasant story, written by a Horton descendant.