Colonial America

Dear George, Dear Mary: A Novel of George Washington’s First Love

By Mary Calvi - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

I couldn’t wait to begin the story of the ill-starred romance between the young, striving George Washington and Mary Philipse, a New ...Read Review

The Gift of the Seer (Spirit Keeper)

By K.B. Laugheed - Published 2019


Katie O’Toole begins her journal of facts and secrets after being captured by two Indians from Pennsylvania in 1747. This enables her to ...Read Review

Patriot or Traitor: The Life and Death of Sir Walter Ralegh

By Anna Beer - Published 2018



It’s said that good non-fiction should be as gripping as a tense murder-mystery. With this fascinating biography, Anna Beer has indeed met ...Read Review

Dark Entry

By John B. Kachuba - Published 2018


Dark Entry is told in both the present and the 18th century and based loosely on New England Native American folklore and the ...Read Review


By James Jackson - Published 2018


It is 1607, and King James I of England is courting favour with the Spanish king, Philip III, to avoid another war. However, King ...Read Review

Marooned: Jamestown, Shipwreck, and a New History of America’s Origin

By Joseph Kelly - Published 2019



In 1607, three English ships, and about a hundred settlers and crew landed in Chesapeake Bay in what will later become Virginia. They are ...Read Review

The Golden Shore: (A Scandalous Life Book 3)

By Jo Ann Butler - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

In this third book of the Scandalous Life series, set in 1662 Rhode Island, Herodias (Herod) Long has been cohabitating with George Gardner for ...Read Review

The Driver’s Wife

By S.K. Keogh - Published 2018


In 1693, former sailor Edward Ketch works for his former captain, a onetime pirate, Jack Mallory, and his wife, Maria, on a rice plantation ...Read Review

In the House in the Dark of the Woods

By Professor Laird Hunt - Published 2018



In colonial New England, a young goodwife sets off into the woods to pick berries for her husband and child. She dawdles, she ...Read Review

The Love Letter

By Rachel Hauck - Published 2018



What do a colonial soldier afraid to declare his love and a Hollywood actress stymied by typecasting have in common? Can Chloe get ...Read Review

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