Tilly True

Written by Dilly Court
Review by Patrika Salmon

Tilly True is another of Dilly Court’s sagas set in Victorian London. It’s a big read, over 500 pages, spanning several years, and with a large cast of characters. Just the book for bedtime reading, chapter by chapter.

Tilly is determined that she’s not going to stay poor, and a chance meeting with the Reverend Palgrave starts her on a journey out of poverty and into the magical world of India, through a marriage to Francis’s younger brother. But nothing is what it seems and sagas don’t end anywhere except at home. So in true saga fashion Tilly must suffer and struggle, and return to London, before she ends up in the arms of the right man, back home amongst her own people.

Dilly Court is good at tough female characters and Tilly is one the reader cheers on. She might be stubborn, even short-sighted about certain matters, but she’s a fighter and she doesn’t forget her family.

As in most sagas, plot is all, so sometimes character motivation is a little thin, but it’s a good read for saga lovers, with well researched historical detail.