A Mother’s Love

By Katie Flynn - Published 2019


Katie Flynn was the pen name of Judy Turner, who died in January 2019. In recent years her daughter had assisted with the writing ...Read Review

Kingmaker: Kingdom Come

By Toby Clements - Published 2017


Kingdom Come is the fourth and final novel in Toby Clements’ Kingmaker series, set during the Wars of the Roses. It continues the ...Read Review

Seven Stones to Stand or Fall

By Diana Gabaldon - Published 2017


Short Stories

Gabaldon fans awaiting the ninth installment of the main Outlander series will be delighted with this hearty snack of seven novellas, which fill ...Read Review

Red Sky at Noon

By Simon Sebag Montefiore - Published 2017Published 2018



The author is a well-known historian who has previously written factual works about Stalin and Catherine the Great. This is the third novel ...Read Review

The Lunar Cats

By Lynne Truss - Published 2016



This is a novel about the fight between good and evil, of well-meaning retired librarians and adorable demon kittens. Alec Charlesworth, ex-librarian, occasional ...Read Review

Kingmaker: Divided Souls

By Toby Clements - Published 2016



Third in a series of four, here is a product of vivid imagination and astute historical knowledge, tempered by fine writing skills. Toby ...Read Review


By C.C. Humphreys - Published 2016


This is the second volume in the series set in Restoration London. It is 1666 and the newly established pairing of Pitman and William ...Read Review

Kingmaker: Broken Faith

By Toby Clements - Published 2015


Toby Clements really does get into the nitty-gritty of how the people of 15th-century England ‘lived, loved, fought, and died’. He thanks many ...Read Review

How the French Won Waterloo (Or Think They Did)

By Stephen Clarke - Published 2015



In this witty look at two hundred years of rearranging history and reality, Stephen Clarke demonstrates how the French persist in believing that ...Read Review

Dirty Bertie: An English King Made in France

By Stephen Clarke - Published 2014



Edward VII has traditionally been regarded as of little political importance; and his years as Prince of Wales largely viewed as a series ...Read Review

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