This Deceitful Light

Written by Jemahl Evans
Review by Marilyn Sherlock

This book, set against the English Civil War, begins with the Battle of Newbury in 1643. The plot includes the murder of a young actor and the foiling of a plot to smuggle gold to Oxford in support of King Charles I.

This is the second book in the Blandford Candy series and a sequel to The Last Roundhead. I found it a struggle to read. The first chapter was fine, describing the Battle of Newbury, but after that I got lost. This appears to be a book where the hero, Sir Blandford Candy, is recalling his life during the Civil War and his participation in the events of the time, but I regret that I found it difficult to follow. It twisted this way and that, and I came to the conclusion that it might be more of a man’s book, if one is allowed to say such things these days.

The author gives plenty of explanations, both of terminology and events, at the end of the book—which doesn’t really help if the reader has to keep turning to them. Not one for my book case, I am afraid.