English Civil War

Henrietta Maria: The Warrior Queen Who Divided a Nation

By Leanda de Lisle - Published 2022



This biography is an absorbing, well-written examination of the life and influence of one of Britain’s most reviled consorts, Henrietta Maria, wife ...Read Review

Susanna Hall: Her Book

By Jennifer Falkner - Published 2022


Falkner’s debut novella covers three summer days in 1643, when Henrietta Maria, queen to Charles I of England, was traveling south to meet ...Read Review


By Neil K. Wootton - Published 2021



Set in England in 1645, Purge is a story of fear and superstition that grips a town into madness. Sarah Wenham’s wealthy husband ...Read Review

The Swift and the Harrier

By Minette Walters - Published 2021


Minette Walters spent many years as a bestselling thriller writer before turning her talents to historical fiction, and The Swift and The Harrier ...Read Review

The King’s Captain

By Mark Turnbull - Published 2021



This is a very slim novella (barely 40,000 words), the second (after The King’s Spy, reviewed in HNR 96) in the “rebellion” series of ...Read Review


By Philip Yorke - Published 2021


Guilt and vengeance prevent Captain Francis Hacker from finding solace from God after his daughters’ murders. As the second year of civil war ...Read Review

The Puritan Princess

By Miranda Malins - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

The period from 1649 to 1661 was the first and only time in English history, since Aethelstan ruled a united England in the 10th century, ...Read Review

Sins as Red as Scarlet: A Devon Town in Turmoil

By Janet Few - Published 2020


This novel takes a new approach to the events surrounding the last “witch hangings” in England. Bideford, Devon was a town in turmoil. ...Read Review

The King’s Spy

By Mark Turnbull - Published 2021



The King’s Spy by Mark Turnbull is a fast-paced novella set during the aftermath of King Charles’s final battle of the ...Read Review

The Manningtree Witches

By A. K. BLAKEMORE - Published 2021


Set in England in 1643, The Manningtree Witches is based on the activities of Matthew Hopkins, the self-styled Witchfinder General. Told through the eyes ...Read Review

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