Theft of Shadows

Written by Naomi Bellis
Review by Tamela McCann

Gabriel d’Aubrigny, Chevalier de Lesgardes, finds himself returning to England after living through the years of the Revolution in France, but unfortunately, things go wrong from the moment his ship pulls into port. When he is robbed of his dwindling funds by a female thief, Gabriel allows himself to be brought reluctantly back into the world of his former mysterious employer in order to spy on the nefarious Sebastian Balthazar, confidante of the Prince of Wales. Only this time, Gabriel discovers that his family’s ancient gift of magic has been roused, and he will have to learn to tame it if he’s to bring the evil Balthazar to justice. In addition, Gabriel must deal with the lovely Anne Tremaine, who just happens to be the thief who took his money, but who also has an agenda against Balthazar.

Set in late 18th-century England, this paranormal romance has it all, and Ms. Bellis keeps her story moving well. While some of the characters are a bit clichéd, the insertion of the paranormal brings vibrant life to the plot. Ms. Bellis is definitely an author to watch, and her novel will satisfy all who like their historical romances with a bit of a supernatural twist.