The Way You Die Tonight

Written by Robert J. Randisi
Review by Tamela McCann

The awesome Eddie G is back in this ninth installment in the Rat Pack mysteries, and he’s once again at the beck and call of the rich and famous in 1960s Las Vegas. This time, his boss, Jack Entratter, has asked him to show Edward G. Robinson a good time as the “other Eddie” comes to town to research his role for a new movie. What should be nothing but a good time becomes another act to juggle when Jack’s secretary is found dead in the Sands’ restroom, and Eddie determines to get to the bottom of the story. Throw a secret meeting with Howard Hughes into the mix, and you’ve got the setup for yet another light mystery filled with the ambiance of Vegas’ heyday.

The murder mystery itself is almost a secondary story to everything else Eddie G manages to find himself entangled in; the story begins with him taking out a couple of thieves and sidetracks into Hughes’s factual attempt to obtain property in the area. Randisi does a fabulous job of incorporating both real events and people around the fictional Eddie G; the appearances of the Rat Pack are seamlessly written into the story so that I can almost believe it’s all based on truth. With plenty of ′60s atmosphere and attitude, Randisi is superb at describing the era and placing the reader in the middle of the action. But it’s the characters that truly make this series come alive. I admit it; I’m hooked and already looking forward to the next entry. Light and enjoyable fun!