The Trouble with Dukes

Written by Grace Burrowes
Review by Kristen McQuinn

This Georgian-era romance is about Hamish MacHugh, ex-soldier of the Napoleonic Wars and reluctant, newly minted Duke of Murdoch; and Megan Windham, daughter of an English earl and a woman with a secret. Murdoch knows nothing about being a duke. Megan helps him learn to navigate the labyrinthine social rules of the nobility, and the two become unlikely friends. At length, Megan entrusts her secret to Murdoch. Sir Fletcher, a true villain and fortune-hunter, possesses evidence in Megan’s own hand which he plans to use to blackmail her into marrying him. If she does not, he will expose her secret to the world, ruining not only her reputation and chances of making a good marriage, but ruining her sisters’ chances as well. Murdoch may not understand what it means to be a duke, but he does understand honor, and he takes up Megan’s cause as his own, losing his heart to her along the way.

The plot is complex and satisfying. The settings are detailed, and all of the characters are well-fleshed-out. My only real complaint is that the very few sex scenes are G-rated. I was hoping for more passion and lust; that’s half the fun of reading romance novels! Overall, though, this is a fun read, and I am curious to read more by this author. Recommended.