The Treasure

Written by Iris Johansen
Review by Heather Domin

In this sequel to 1996’s Lion’s Bride, two popular side characters get a passionate story of their own. Lady Selene Ware, a young Scottish noblewoman, and Kadar ben Arnaud, a (mostly) reformed assassin, are whisked off into another 12th-century adventure. After years of freedom, Kadar’s Syrian master presses him back into service to help attain two dark goals: one that warps the love between Selene and Kadar into perversion, and another that will lay claim to one of the most famous religious artifacts in history.

The story opens with fun, snarky dialogue between Selene and Kadar, but then the action tends to drag until the main plot kicks in. Perhaps reading Lion’s Bride beforehand would have clued me in to the villain’s back story; without that, it was confusing for a while. But the characters have great chemistry, the adventures are exotic, and the sex is so decadent as to border on kinkiness. (That’s not a complaint.) A sensual romance/adventure read.