12th Century


By Ben Kane - Published 2021



In this sequel to Lionheart, Ben Kane again shows that he knows his new era inside out and can tell a wonderful story. ...Read Review

The Travels of Ibn Thomas

By James Hutsen-Wiley - Published 2020


The world at the beginning of the 12th century is a complicated place for a child born of the union between a Christian ...Read Review

Conquest: The Anarchy (The Conquest)

By Tracey Warr - Published 2020


As the priest pronounces Nest married to a man she doesn’t want, her dead lover appears. But this is the 12th century, ...Read Review

The Canterbury Murders

By E.M. Powell - Published 2020



It is Easter, 1177, and the King’s Clerk Aelred Barling and his assistant Hugo Stanton are on pilgrimage, making their way to the ...Read Review

Death and the Maiden (Mistress of the Art of Death)

By Ariana Franklin - By Samantha Norman - Published 2020



Readers who adored the captivating Mistress of the Art of Death series written by Ariana Franklin (pen name of prolific historical novelist Diana ...Read Review

River of Sins

By Sarah Hawkswood - Published 2020



1144, Worcester. A woman is found brutally murdered on an island in the middle of a river, a few miles from town. Hawkswood’s ...Read Review

Queens of the Crusades: Eleanor of Aquitaine and her Successors (England’s Medieval Queens)

By Alison Weir - Published 2020



Weir’s latest non-fiction offering covers the lives of five English medieval queens, from the best-known Eleanor of Aquitaine, through to another Eleanor, ...Read Review

Alina: A Song For the Telling

By Malve von Hassell - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

Alina and her brother Milos are unhappy teenagers living in Provence late in the 12th century. They decide to join a band of ...Read Review

The Revolt

By Clara Dupont-Monod - By Ruth Diver (trans.) - Published 2020


Biographical FictionLiterary

Listen to the inner voices of Richard the Lionheart and his mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, resounding down the centuries, courtesy of the powerful ...Read Review

The Priest’s Son (Dodnash Priory Chronicles)

By Nicky Moxey - Published 2019


Early 12th century: When Jean’s father leaves France for the Levant, he sends his young son to Dodnash Priory in England, to ...Read Review

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