The Spymaster’s Lady

Written by Joanna Bourne
Review by Teresa Basinski Eckford

Set in 1802 France and England, this tale of espionage and passion has all the elements of a good historical romance. French spy Annique Villiers has a mission. So does Robert Grey, Head of Section for the British Secret Service. They meet in a dark prison cell and join forces to escape. Little does Annique know that Grey’s mission is to capture her for the information she holds. Their battle of wills soon becomes a battle of their hearts.

This debut novel is one many readers will enjoy. The heroine is spirited, the hero terse and tough, yet tender. Settings come alive and the action moves at a good pace, while secondary characters add depth without taking away from the protagonists. Various plot twists are incorporated with ease and believability.

All in all, a good read. I only wish I had enjoyed it more. The one element missing for me was any real understanding of the hero’s internal motivation and conflict. I never got a handle on him.

That said, his well-plotted, historically based novel is a nice change from the many Regency stories dominating the market.