The Scot Who Loved Me: A Scottish Treasures Novel

Written by Gina Conkle
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

London, 1753. This is the story of widow Anne Neville, English-born and Scottish by marriage. She is determined to help her clans-people by finding a lost Jacobite treasure and sending it to the Highlands. She and her league of female friends and relatives need a strong man to help them with the task. Enter Will MacDonald, a giant Highlander who was Anne’s first love. He’s been imprisoned for wearing the forbidden kilt. Anne secures his freedom, and he agrees to help steal back the gold. The villainess who holds it is a dangerous, powerful opponent. She also has a history with Will.

Anne’s co-conspirators are likeable and competent. We will probably see them again in the sequel, due in 2022. Since the true fate of the Loch Arkaig treasure is unknown, the author is free to concoct her own account without stepping on any historical facts. Heat levels vary from sweetly sensual to red hot pepper. I had to cover my eyes while reading the final blazing bed scene.