The Road to Vengeance (The Strongbow Saga, Book Three)

Written by Judson Roberts
Review by Patrika Salmon

This is the third book in Roberts’ Viking adventure series and begins where the last book finished. Recommended as reading for the over-fourteens, especially for boys, it’s a straightforward historical adventure story, a tale simply told.

In Frankia (France) after a successful raiding voyage, the hero, Halfdan Hroriksson, youngest member of the Gull’s crew, is now a scout, with information needed by Viking leader, Ragna. Halfdan is still waiting to take revenge, but life is complicated. He has a hostage to ransom, and the Vikings are divided on their future. Should they go on to Paris or should they take their loot and go home? Halfdan doesn’t care. He wants those villainous Vikings who murdered his half-brother.

The Vikings advance on Paris, and Halfdan’s woodcraft skills win him further honours. In the great battle against the Franks he saves the Vikings from defeat and so has enough support to challenge and kill one of those he’d vowed vengeance against.

It’s a painless way for teenagers to learn some history, a roaring adventure story for boys, and good solid history about a little-known Viking story, but as an adult I would have liked a little subtlety in the telling. Males who are reluctant readers should enjoy this, as would any young history enthusiast.