The Road to Alexander

Written by Jennifer Macaire
Review by Edward James

The story starts about 300years in the future when a young journalist wins a prize to be sent back in time to interview an historical figure of her choice. She chooses Alexander the Great, but after the interview the return flight goes awry, and she finds herself stranded in the 4th century BC.

This is obviously not historical fiction in the sense that the author is trying to enter the mind of somebody in the past. The protagonist, Ashley, remains resolutely (ultra)modern in her attitudes and prejudices (e.g., slavery and religious sacrifices), but this means that she can look at the Ancient World as an outsider, seeing things the Ancients cannot see. Also, the author knows her Alexander and vividly describes the everyday life of his army as it crawls across the Middle East.

Not that Ashley is a dispassionate observer. She becomes Alexander’s consort and falls passionately in love with him, all the time knowing that Alexander is doomed to an early death. She cannot try to change history or she will be ‘erased’. The situation is unresolved at the end of the book, because this is the first in a series.

This is a witty, sexy, fast moving, colourful story, and you will enjoy it even if Timeslip is not your usual reading.