4th Century

The Conqueror (Constantine’s Empire)

By Bryan Litfin - Published 2020



In the early 4th century AD, Rome is ruled by the Tetrarchy or “rule by four.” The empire is divided into geographic quadrants ...Read Review

The Bear King (Dark Age)

By James Wilde - Published 2020


It’s AD 375 and the onset of the Dark Ages of Britain. Rome’s legions are leaving, and the Pendragon line is sheltering ...Read Review

The Deceivers

By Bill Page - Published 2019


Roman Britain, 370 A.D. Canio, a Roman ex-soldier, has by illicit means become a wealthy landowner. When the Roman governor orders him to ...Read Review

Triumph in Dust (Twilight of Empire)

By Ian Ross - Published 2019



Triumph in Dust is the sixth and final instalment of Ian Ross’ popular Twilight of Empire series. While not exactly set in the ...Read Review

From the Realm of Time: A Novel of The Fourth Century Roman Empire

By Scott Douglas Prill - Published 2018



Late in the 4th century CE, Rome faces many enemies on its northern frontiers and is losing too many battles. General Marcus Augustus ...Read Review

Dark Age

By James Wilde - Published 2018


Later 4th-century Britannia is not a safe place. The well-ordered world of Rome’s rule is crumbling fast, and the “old ways” are ...Read Review

The Road to Alexander

By Jennifer Macaire - Published 2017



The story starts about 300years in the future when a young journalist wins a prize to be sent back in time to interview ...Read Review

Beyond the Wall

By Tanya Landman - Published 2017


Children/Young Adult

In 4th-century Roman Britain, 15-year-old Cassia is a slave in the household of Titus Cornelius Festus. After he tries to rape her, Cassia ...Read Review

The Mask of Command

By Ian Ross - Published 2016



We are back in the 4th century for this tale about the closing years of the Roman Empire, which has split in two, ...Read Review

The Confessions of X

By Suzanne Wolfe - Published 2016



The narrator of Wolfe’s deeply poignant novel is nameless, for this detail was never historically recorded. A poor young woman from Rome’...Read Review