4th Century

Usurpers (Foundation of the Dragon: Book 2)

By Robb Pritchard - Published 2023


After generations of subjugation, the descendants of the Ordovices are no longer the fighters they were once renowned as. Their fate rests upon ...Read Review

Para Bellum

By Simon Turney - Published 2023



Most Roman ‘militaries’ are set in the 1st century, when the Empire was expanding, and the Romans usually won.  Para Bellum is set ...Read Review


By James Hynes - Published 2023


Somewhere in Britannia, in the dying days of the Roman Empire, an equally decaying man recalls his youth. He names himself Jacob, but ...Read Review

Julia Prima (Roma Nova Thriller Series)

By Alison Morton - Published 2022



This is a stunning historical novel set in the 4th century. Julia, the daughter of the ruler of the provincial town of Virunum, ...Read Review

Legionary: The Emperor’s Shield

By Gordon Doherty - Published 2023



The latest book in the Legionary series takes place in the Roman Empire of 386 AD. Although I had not read any of the ...Read Review

The Loki Sword (Fire Born 3)

By Angus Donald - Published 2022


Bjarki Bloodhand trudges through the snow; he seeks his mother’s people, the White Bear Clan of the Sami. The old woman caring ...Read Review

Caesar’s Lord (Constantine’s Empire)

By Bryan Litfin - Published 2022



In 323 AD, Emperor Constantine is on the verge of consolidating the widespread Roman Empire under the Christian God and a unified government, but ...Read Review

A Painted Winter (Pictish Conspiracy)

By H. Barnard - Published 2021


366 CE. Lucia never wanted the Gift, as a healer reincarnated over and over in service to the gods. However, when her mother has ...Read Review

Gods of Rome (Rise of Emperors)

By Gordon Doherty - Published 2021



This third and final book in the Rise of the Emperors series continues directly from the previous volume, Masters of Rome, beginning in ...Read Review

Every Knee Shall Bow (Constantine’s Empire)

By Bryan Litfin - Published 2021



In 316 AD, much of western civilization is at a crossroads. The Roman Empire, which rules most of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle ...Read Review

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