Ancient Greece

The New Achilles (Commander)

By Christian Cameron - Published 2019



226 BC. Bronze Age Greece is in trouble. Once, the Achaean League, an alliance of city-states in the Peloponnese, worked together to protect themselves, ...Read Review

Shadows of Athens

By JM Alvey - Published 2019



Imagine being a new playwright in 443 BC Athens, on the eve of having your comedy performed at the Dyonisia festival… Proud middle-class citizen ...Read Review

Athena’s Champion (Olympus Trilogy)

By Cath Mayo - By David Hair - Published 2018



In 1290 BC, twenty-year-old Odysseus has been cast out by his father after a prophecy unveils a devastating family secret. While on the run ...Read Review

The Children of Jocasta

By Natalie Haynes - Published 2018



Another group of girls break their silence in this brilliant adaptation of the Oedipus myth, told from the perspective of its female protagonists. ...Read Review

The Fox

By M. N. J. Butler - Published 2018



When Agis, King of Sparta, dies, his heir Leotychides, rumoured to be illegitimate, is replaced by his uncle. No longer considered royal, Leotychides ...Read Review

The Silence of the Girls

By Pat Barker - Published 2018



In the ninth year of the siege of Troy, the Greek hero Achilles raids the town of Lyrnessus, and in one day Queen ...Read Review

The Siege and Fall of Troy

By Dan-El Padilla Peralta (intro.) - By Robert Graves - Published 2018


Children/Young AdultEpic

A re-issue of Robert Graves’ retelling of the Homeric myths is always welcome, and the new introduction by Dan-El Padilla Peralta makes the ...Read Review

For the Immortal

By Emily Hauser - Published 2018



The final novel in the Golden Apple trilogy from Emily Hauser is a triumphant finale. This story continues to draw from the many ...Read Review

The Falcon of Sparta

By Conn Iggulden - Published 2018



Artaxerxes is the Persian king’s oldest son and heir. Cyrus is Artaxerxes’ younger brother, and the main character of the book, at ...Read Review

The World Beyond

By Deanna Madden - Published 2017


The World Beyond is a coming-of-age story set in 429 BC ancient Athens, where slaves and women do not share the freedoms extolled by ...Read Review

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