Ancient Greece


By Jennifer Saint - Published 2021


You all know the myth. Theseus, Prince of Athens, wins undying fame by penetrating an impregnable Cretan labyrinth and killing the Minotaur, a ...Read Review

Finding Ithaka: An Epic Story Traversing Time (Ionian Trilogy Book 1)

By Anna - By Harvey - Published 2020


Dr. Thea Sefton returns to the Greek island of Kefalonia as part of an archaeological expedition searching for the palace of Odysseus, regarded ...Read Review

Cuckoo’s Flight (Minoan Wings 3)

By Wendy Orr - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Bronze Age Greece. Although Clio should be preparing to follow her mother’s trade of potter, Clio’s passion is horses. But a ...Read Review

Amber and Clay

By Laura Amy Schlitz - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Ancient Greece. Melisto is the wild, young daughter of an aristocrat, beloved by her father and abused by her mother. Rhaskos is a ...Read Review

The Gates of Athens: Book One in the Athenian series

By Conn Iggulden - Published 2020



About 490 BCE, the aging Persian King Darius, and his young son, Xerxes, stand on a hilltop overlooking the smoldering ruins of Persian-controlled Sardis. ...Read Review

A Thousand Ships

By Natalie Haynes - Published 2020



‘A thousand ships’ conjures up a face familiar to the world, equally admired and derided―that of Helen of Troy. But those thousand ...Read Review

Justice for Athena (Philocles Book 3)

By JM Alvey - Published 2020



In 5th-century BCE Athens, the great Panathenaia festival, with its mix of artistic and athletic competitions, is about to start, and playwright Philocles ...Read Review

The Last Greek (Commander)

By Christian Cameron - Published 2020



210 BCE. The Achaean League, an alliance of Greek City States originally founded for mutual protection against encircling Spartans, Macedons and Romans, is fragmenting. ...Read Review

The Spartans

By Andrew J. Bayliss - Published 2020



This is a very engaging critique of the ancient Spartans. It can be characterised as trying to show that much of what we ...Read Review

Alexander’s Legacy: To The Strongest

By Robert Fabbri - Published 2020



Alexander’s Legacy: To the Strongest is the first book in a new series by Robert Fabbri, author of the Vespasian series. After ...Read Review

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