The Reluctant Duchess

Written by Roseanna M. White
Review by Ray Thompson

This inspirational romance is set in Edwardian Scotland and England. After she has been raped by her violent cousin, Lady Rowena Kinnaird is shocked that her father callously insists they wed. Her lady’s maid comes up with a plan to find a better husband, but Brice Myerston, Duke of Nottingham, is not so easily entrapped into marriage. Nevertheless, he finds his sympathies engaged and, more importantly, heeds urgings from God to come to her rescue. But how will his family and society friends respond to this unsophisticated Highlander? More importantly, how will he react when he discovers she is pregnant? And then there is the business of the diamonds.

There are timely reminders of social issues: aristocratic snobbery, prejudice against outsiders, the vulnerability of women. Although Brice is an admirable model of compassion and patience, he too readily assumes he knows best. Before he can win the love of his damaged bride, he must learn greater humility and the need to listen carefully. Though well intentioned, the story is drawn out and the religious message intrusive. For lovers of inspirational romances only.