The Rebel Killer (Jack Lark, Book 7): A gripping tale of revenge in the American Civil War

Written by Paul Fraser Collard
Review by Mike Ashworth

Virginia, 1861. Jack Lark is fighting for the Union in the Civil War. The book opens with the aftermath of battle. Following the defeat at the Battle of Bull Run, Jack is lost in the woods in the company of a black former slave girl called Rose. While trying to protect her, he is shot and left for dead. Before he passes out, Jack believes that some renegade confederate soldiers had shot him and were going to hang Rose. Waking in a military hospital broken, both mentally and physically, Jack vows to avenge the death of Rose. Jack escapes and sets out on a journey across the Southern states, dressed as a Confederate, looking for revenge against the man who has destroyed his life.

This is the seventh of the very successful Jack Lark series and follows immediately on from The True Soldier. The author’s many fans will know what to expect – a strong plot and characters and vivid, without being overly graphic, action scenes. A thoroughly enjoyable action- packed read, which brings alive the horror and futility of war. Recommended.