The Rebel Heiress and the Knight

Written by Melissa Oliver
Review by Cindy Vallar

In the spring of 1215, an incompetent and mercurial tyrant rules England, and Northumberland is a hotbed of ferment. The rebellious barons are abetted by outlaws led by the enigmatic Le Renard. Sir Hugh de Villiers is sent north to capture the thieves and deliver a royal missive to the widow of Tallany Castle. When he learns the contents of the royal letter, he is as stunned as Lady Tallany, but he adeptly heeds his liege’s command in spite of her reticence to do the same.

After years of abuse, Eleanor Tallany follows a treacherous path to protect her people. Never will she marry another king’s man. Doing so imperils them and herself, yet she has never had any say in her own destiny. The kindnesses Sir Hugh shows rekindle feelings long thought dead. Then a covetous and vengeful suitor threatens to crush all that she holds dear.

Reminiscent of Robin Hood, Oliver’s debut novel is fast-paced. Hair-raising, poignant, humorous, and romantic segments are deftly woven into a tapestry that brings to life the tumultuous past and devious stratagems of medieval England, while her feisty characters vividly capture the imagination from first page to last.