The Race

Written by Clive Cussler Justin Scott
Review by Cindy Vallar

Josephine Josephs Frost loves to fly, but when she witnesses her husband murder Marco Celere, she flees for her life. When she enters the Whiteway Atlantic-to-Pacific Cross-Country Air Race, newspaper magnate Preston Whiteway hires the Van Dorn Agency to protect her from her husband, who spent time in an insane asylum and has vowed to kill her. The agent in charge of the case is Isaac Bell, who soon learns to fly so he can accompany Josie in the air while Van Dorn agents protect her and the plane on the ground. Before the race begins, Isaac discovers that Celere’s body was never found and that the man was accused of stealing another plane designer’s inventions. Bell also learns that Harry Frost is even more dangerous than first thought. He stashed his wealth in banks across the country, very few know what he looks like, and he has friends in high and low places who will abet his murderous plans to repay favors. And if that’s not trouble enough, Whiteway falls in love with Josie, and a saboteur is determined to fix the race so she wins.

This fourth installment in the Isaac Bell series vividly recreates the thrill, fascination with, and excitement of the early days of flying. Although it lacks some of the investigative intensity of previous books, readers will find themselves soaring through a breathtaking adventure across America that is populated with memorable characters, extreme danger, and dogged determination to thwart evil wherever it pops up. The Race is a fast-paced tale that sweeps readers back to 1909, a time when technology is still in its infancy and communication is slow. To further enhance the ride, the authors use terminology of the period.