The Queene’s Cure

Written by Karen Harper
Review by Suzanne Crane

A young Queen Elizabeth is the sleuth in this medical mystery, fourth in a series. At this time, the causes of disease and their treatments were still mostly unknown. The danger here to Queen Elizabeth is neither an assassin’s blade nor poison but germ warfare in the form of the dreaded smallpox. By her determination to reform the old ways of practicing medicine, Elizabeth pits her royal power against the London College of Physicians, headed by two grudge-bearing doctors, Pascal and Caius. The Queen’s search to find the persons responsible and the meaning behind a pocked effigy of herself uncovers horrors of other murders and medical experiments on both the living and dead.

The Queene’s Cure is fast-paced and excitingly based on several historically sound incidents in Queen Elizabeth’s life. Here, Elizabeth is not the icy Virgin Queen but a very humanized young woman. And although she wears the crown, Elizabeth shares with her friends, noble and common, emotions like fear, compassion, and love, which bind them all as equals.