HNR Issue 20 (May 2002)

Daughter of Lir

By Judith Tarr - Published 2001


At the dawn of history, the People of the Horse Goddess are faced with war and annihilation. In this worthwhile sequel to White ...Read Review

The Marriage of Meggotta

By Edith Pargeter - Published 2001


Biographical Fiction

The reputation of Ellis Peters as author of the Brother Cadfael series has eclipsed that of Edith Pargeter, her real name, under which ...Read Review

Audubon’s Watch

By John Gregory Brown - Published 2001



The novel begins with John James Audubon addressing his daughters with textural detail that draws us into the scene by our senses. He ...Read Review

All Together in One Place

By Jane Kirkpatrick - Published 2000



In 1852, young wife Madison Bacon, called Mazy, is taken from her Wisconsin home by her mother and husband and thrust onto the Oregon ...Read Review


By Richard S. Wheeler - Published 2001



Although I’ve enjoyed many of Wheeler’s books about the American West, this is the first of his Barnaby Skye adventures that ...Read Review

Too Dead To Swing

By Hal Glatzer - Published 2002



This may be unique. Here’s a mystery novel based on an audioplay, which I haven’t heard, but as a fan of ...Read Review

The Bermuda Indenture

By Strudwick Marvin Rogers - Published 2001


The Bermuda Indenture hinges on a title search, which sounds like one of the most boring tasks in the world, but to give ...Read Review

Lion’s Blood

By Steven Barnes - Published 2002


Alternate History

Lion’s Blood takes place in a world in which an Egypto-Carthaginian alliance prevented the rise of Rome, creating a black empire in ...Read Review

Call Down the Stars

By Sue Harrison - Published 2001



Our tale begins in 602 BC, as a group of storytellers are meeting. Their stories take us back to the 7th millenium BC, where ...Read Review

A Potion for a Widow

By Caroline Roe - Published 2001



In the fifth installment of the Chronicles of Isaac of Girona, the blind Jewish physician decidedly takes a back seat, as though you ...Read Review

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