The Prince of Broadway: Uptown Girls

Written by Joanna Shupe
Review by Fiona Alison

Florence Greene is a woman ahead of her time – spirited, fearless and determined to control her own life. Her goal is to open a casino exclusively for women in an age when gambling is illegal. Already well-versed in numerous casino games, she hires Clayton Madden, the brooding and reclusive owner of the most exclusive casino in 1890s New York, to teach her the day-to-day business, how to stay one step ahead of the law and how to spot and deal with cheaters. Naturally, these lessons begin as one sort and turn into an altogether different kind in short shrift. Unbeknownst to Florence, however, Clay is determined to ruin her father in recompense for wrongs done to his family. But it doesn’t take long for the beautiful, quick-witted Florence to get under his skin or for him to almost lose her.

Second in a series, The Prince of Broadway is a well-paced steamy romp with some highly inventive and explicit sexual trysts. A predictable ending didn’t deter this reader in the least! (And no, it isn’t wedding bells.) Recommended.