The Price of Pride

Written by Donna MacQuigg
Review by Chuck Curtis


Brace yourself. MacQuigg launches The Price of Pride with a double murder and charges toward a shootout ending that makes the gunfight at the O.K. Corral look like a minor misunderstanding. In between, prideful Sarah Brighton and Marshal Ira Farrell struggle with a mutual arrogance that puts both their romance and their lives in danger. Cattle rustling, old feuds, steamy lovemaking, young gunslingers and a hooker with a heart of gold keep the pages turning. The result is an action-packed western historical romance that is fun to read if occasionally predictable.

Although it’s placed in 1892, MacQuigg adds some modern themes to her story. Sarah, her main character, is a pioneering suffragist. How often does the heroine of a Western hold meetings on women’s rights and encourage her audience to force their husbands to make their own breakfasts? Another modern touch is MacQuigg’s web site, Visit it to see photographs of the horses and Santa Fe National Forest that inspired MacQuigg to write this story of adventure and love.