The Old World: By the Hands of Men, Book 1

Written by Roy M Griffis
Review by Richard Tearle

From the very start, we are thrust into the horrific environment of the 1917 World War I trenches. Charlotte Braninov is a nurse, a Russian by birth but sent to England where she had volunteered.  Amidst the mud and blood, she meets Robert Fitzgerald, a wounded officer, whose impeccable behaviour soon captures her heart.

Without ever sinking to graphic descriptions, Roy Griffis captures the horror and brutality, the terrible injuries and the severe conditions under which those men and women lived for so long. Can love survive these trials?

With its excellent characterisation, tenderness amongst the carnage and with a fast-paced style, I can thoroughly recommend this book.

There were a couple of typographical errors, and the title on the spine is a little difficult to read, but otherwise I found the writing excellent and faultless.