The Queen’s Legacy

By Jennifer Helen Harkness - Published 2021


Biographical FictionSaga

The Queen’s Legacy is the second volume of the two-volume Saxon Blood Royal. Volume I, The Uncrowned King, followed the fortunes of ...Read Review

Of Good and Evil: Prelude to the Holocaust

By Robert Josef Konig - Published 2017


Spanning the years 1923 to 1939, the novel has a title that clearly reveals the author’s intentions. The aim of the book is to ...Read Review


By Ellie Midwood - Published 2016


Emilia is a Jewish teenager volunteering in a Polish hospital during WWII. When the Germans first take control of her city, life isn’...Read Review


By Jay Prasad - Published 2017


This well-researched novel covers in great detail life in Berlin from just before the Russian invasion until after the Nuremberg Trials. Our protagonist, ...Read Review

Tabor: The First Christian

By Dixie Distler - Published 2017


When the star appears in Bethlehem to announce Jesus’s miraculous birth, Tabor is just a baby. His parents befriend Joseph and Mary, ...Read Review

Rivers of Stone

By Beth Camp - Published 2017



Evicted from her family’s land in Scotland in 1842, Catriona McDonnell is reluctant to be separated from her husband, Dougal, to the extent ...Read Review

The Forgotten: Heir of the Heretic

By J. Lynn Else - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

In this prequel to The Forgotten: Aten’s Last Queen, Else focuses on Merytaten, daughter of the Heretic Pharaoh. Merytaten narrates a tale ...Read Review

Memento Mori

By Ruth Downie - Published 2018



Ruso, a Roman army medic living a life of bucolic domesticity with the family of his British wife, receives a desperate plea from ...Read Review

Perception and Illusion

By Catherine Kullmann - Published 2017



Writing good historical romance is an art. While often dismissed as being light on historical details and heavy on the romance, a good ...Read Review

The Raven, the Lion and the White Dragon

By Roy Stedall-Humphryes - Published 2017



This is Book One of the Bellême series. Books Two and Three have already been published. In this fast-paced story filled with ...Read Review

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