The Queen’s Legacy

By Jennifer Helen Harkness - Published 2021


Biographical FictionSaga

The Queen’s Legacy is the second volume of the two-volume Saxon Blood Royal. Volume I, The Uncrowned King, followed the fortunes of ...Read Review

The Forgotten: Heir of the Heretic

By J. Lynn Else - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

In this prequel to The Forgotten: Aten’s Last Queen, Else focuses on Merytaten, daughter of the Heretic Pharaoh. Merytaten narrates a tale ...Read Review

Of Good and Evil: Prelude to the Holocaust

By Robert Josef Konig - Published 2017


Spanning the years 1923 to 1939, the novel has a title that clearly reveals the author’s intentions. The aim of the book is to ...Read Review


By Ellie Midwood - Published 2016


Emilia is a Jewish teenager volunteering in a Polish hospital during WWII. When the Germans first take control of her city, life isn’...Read Review


By Jay Prasad - Published 2017


This well-researched novel covers in great detail life in Berlin from just before the Russian invasion until after the Nuremberg Trials. Our protagonist, ...Read Review

Tabor: The First Christian

By Dixie Distler - Published 2017


When the star appears in Bethlehem to announce Jesus’s miraculous birth, Tabor is just a baby. His parents befriend Joseph and Mary, ...Read Review

Rivers of Stone

By Beth Camp - Published 2017



Evicted from her family’s land in Scotland in 1842, Catriona McDonnell is reluctant to be separated from her husband, Dougal, to the extent ...Read Review

Memento Mori

By Ruth Downie - Published 2018



Ruso, a Roman army medic living a life of bucolic domesticity with the family of his British wife, receives a desperate plea from ...Read Review

Perception and Illusion

By Catherine Kullmann - Published 2017



Writing good historical romance is an art. While often dismissed as being light on historical details and heavy on the romance, a good ...Read Review

The Raven, the Lion and the White Dragon

By Roy Stedall-Humphryes - Published 2017



This is Book One of the Bellême series. Books Two and Three have already been published. In this fast-paced story filled with ...Read Review

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