The Mysterious Miss M.

Written by Diane Gaston
Review by Debra Rodensky

Lt. Devlin Steele can hardly believe his good fortune when he gambles and wins a night with the Mysterious Miss M, a lovely young prostitute whose extraordinary sensuality gives Steele one last unforgettable night in England before heading off to war. Three years later, Steele returns to the same gaming hall and once again wins the Mysterious Miss M. Only this time he wins her freedom – and that of her three-year-old child.

As the younger brother of a Marquess who controls the family fortune, Devlin can hardly support himself. Yet he’s determined to care for his new charges, even if it means marrying a “proper” lady so he may inherit his share. Miss M tries to help in her unique way, but her child comes first in her life.

The hero and heroine of this story bring a freshness to a tale that has been told before. Diane Gaston makes no excuses for her characters’ flawed ways. They are responsible for their own downfall. It’s their ability to rise to any occasion that makes them attractive and had this reader cheering for them.