HNR Issue 36 (May 2006)

The Clan of the Cave Bear

By Jean Auel - Published 2006



I have long wanted to read Jean Auel’s acclaimed novel of Neanderthal society. Offered the opportunity to review the Hodder re-issue, with ...Read Review

Condottiere: A Knight’s Tale

By Edward John Crockett - Published 2006



In the aftermath of the Battle of Poitiers, Sir John de Hawkwood, having fallen foul of his commanding officer (Edward the Black Prince) ...Read Review

1610: A Sundial in a Grave

By Mary Gentle - Published 2004 (UK)Published 2005 (US)



“It’s about sex, cruelty, and forgiveness.” Thus does Mary Gentle commence her marvelously inventive novel of espionage, assassination, and precognitive mayhem in ...Read Review

Penelope and Prince Charming

By Jennifer Ashley - Published 2006



One fine day, Penelope Trask is walking to the village with her friend when a mad horseman gallops up to them. He asks ...Read Review

The Book about Blanche and Marie

By Per Olov Enquist (trans. Tiina Nunnally) - Published 2006


Biographical Fiction

Set in Paris during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this quiet novel is a work of art. With every word, every ...Read Review

Gates of Paradise

By Beryl Kingston - Published 2006


Biographical Fiction

In 1800 the poet, William Blake, and his wife, Catherine, move from London to the tiny rural community of Felpham, in Sussex. There they ...Read Review

Rifling Paradise

By Jem Poster - Published 2006



Charles Redbourne, middle-aged dilettante, leaves his English country estate in disgrace after his callous treatment of a discarded male love interest drives the ...Read Review

The Diamond Frontier

By John Wilcox - Published 2006



The year is 1880. Simon Fonthill and his sidekick, “352” Jenkins, are preparing to leave India and return to England when they receive a plea ...Read Review

Taking Care of Cleo

By Bill Broder - Published 2006


Eighteen-year-old Rebecca Bearwald comes from the only Jewish family in a northern Michigan resort town during the Prohibition era. Her father owns a ...Read Review

West Bound: Stories of Providence

By Robert Franklin Gish - Published 2005


Short Stories

Robert Gish writes a compelling and delightful collection of short stories that will make you frown, smile, and laugh out loud. These stories ...Read Review

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