The Love Letter

Written by Rachel Hauck
Review by Jeanne Greene

What do a colonial soldier afraid to declare his love and a Hollywood actress stymied by typecasting have in common? Can Chloe get the challenging part she wants—and interest Jess, the screenwriter—when everybody knows her history of failures? If Hamilton declares his love to Esther, can she get the approval of her father, who is still loyal to the King of England? Do they have the courage to take a chance on achieving their dreams?

The McGuffin, that which runs the plot, is a letter from Hamilton to Esther that, when handed down to Jess and read by Chloe, puts a different spin on both romances. But neither the letter nor the revelations surrounding it—designed to tie up or explain loose ends—makes Chloe’s search for a meaningful life comparable to Hamilton’s longing for a peaceful life during the Revolution. That said, Hauck writes well, her characters are interesting if not introspective, and she handles the alternating narration smoothly. The Love Letter will appeal to romance and time-slip fans, if not to readers who prefer literary fiction.