The Lady Travelers Guide to Scoundrels and Other Gentlemen

Written by Victoria Alexander
Review by Monica Spence

1889. Frantic about the disappearance of her elderly cousin in Paris, bluestocking and committed non-traveler India Prendergast attends a lecture of the Lady Travelers and Assistance Agency to demand information. She suspects a Mr. Sanders, the head of the Society, is a cad out to fleece unsuspecting older women of means with dreams of seeing far-off places. Derek Sanders wants no part of the Society, but he must protect his aunt and her two dearest friends from ruin—and possible jail sentences for fraud. Just thinking of this issue makes him sweat, and now the Bluestocking-from-Hades is accusing him of being the brains behind a scam.

Under duress, Derek, India, and a chaperoning married couple set out for Paris to find the missing cousin. During a series of misadventures, involving lost luggage, borrowed clothing and India’s penchant for going off to investigate on her own, a budding, if reluctant, attraction blossoms. But still India sees Derek as a scoundrel. Will she ever see him as he is, a gentleman intent on protecting his family?

The Lady Travelers Guide is about personal growth, acceptance of differences and leaving preconceived notions behind. The novel is humorous and has a few more serious lessons for the reader, but best of all it has a Happily Ever After.