The Lady of the Castle

Written by Iny Lorentz Lee Chadeayne (trans.)
Review by Shannon Gallagher

This is the second installment in the Marie series, written by a husband and wife known by the pen name Iny Lorentz. I had the pleasure of reading the first in the series, The Wandering Harlot. It provides background which, to my mind, readers will need to fully understand the characters, which were so richly developed in the first book, and their motivations and actions.

Marie is a truly wonderful character, the embodiment of a female protagonist. Her character is so well crafted that when finished with the novel readers will feel like they have just visited with a dear friend. Marie drags the reader through bliss, anxiety and admiration for her single-minded belief and goals, even if at times it seems she is living in a fool’s paradise. More than anything, she perseveres through all that life throws at her and survives with her heart and soul intact.

The Lady of the Castle is the story of Marie’s life after her marriage, a life that seemed almost enchanted until her husband did not return from the war with the Hussites and is presumed dead. Her world is turned upside down, but she knows in her heart he lives – but where and how to find him? Her pursuit takes her on a dangerous journey into the midst of war. It is a captivating tale that will keep readers enthralled to the last. Iny Lorentz uses historical medieval Germany as the setting for the Marie series, and the historical detail is as engaging as its protagonist.