An American Princess: The Many Lives of Allene Tew

By Annejet van der Zijl - Published 2018



Allene Tew embraced life with panache and fortitude, never allowing personal tragedies the chance to curtail her future. Before her story begins, there’...Read Review

Dreams of Silver (The Silver Music Box)

By Mina Baites - Published 2018


Germany, 1938. Paul Blumenthal tries desperately to get his Jewish family out of Germany, but he is betrayed. Just before his two little girls ...Read Review

A Thousand Devils (Max Heller, Dresden Detective)

By Frank Goldammer - By Steve Anderson (trans.) - Published 2018



Two years after the Dresden firebombing and his investigation of the Fright Man, German police detective Max Heller must solve a series of ...Read Review

Flight of a Maori Goddess (The Sea of Freedom Trilogy)

By D.W. Lovett (trans.) - By Sarah Lark - Published 2018



This is the third in the Sea of Freedom trilogy, translated from German by D.W. Lovett. It’s the turn of the 20...Read Review

The Crumpled Letter (Belle Epoque Mystery)

By Alexandra Maldwyn-Davis (trans.) - By Alice Quinn - Published 2018



This Belle Époque mystery, first published in France, is now translated and available through AmazonCrossing. It features the dual protagonists, Lola Deslys, a ...Read Review

In Your Hands

By Inês Pedrosa (trans. Andrea Rosenberg) - Published 2018



Three generations of Portuguese women narrate their stories, beginning in 1935 during Salazar’s authoritarian regime. Jenny, the grandmother, writes in her journals of ...Read Review

Open Sea

By Cynthia Steele (trans.) - By María Gudín - Published 2018


Captured by pirates, Catalina “Len” and her mother are taken to England, a move that forces her mother into prostitution when no ransom ...Read Review

Hotel Sacher

By Alison Layland (trans.) - By Rodica Doehnert - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

Hotel Sacher in Vienna, still known today for its famous Sachertorte dessert, was once the stomping ground for Austrian aristocracy and international diplomats ...Read Review

Without a Country

By Ayse Kulin - By Kenneth Dakan (trans.) - Published 2018



Ayse Kulin has several successful novels to her credit, and she has picked another interesting topic for this one. Its basis is an ...Read Review

Beneath the Kauri Tree

By D.W. Lovett (trans.) - By Sarah Lark - Published 2018



Second in Lark’s The Sea of Freedom Trilogy, Beneath the Kauri Tree is a family saga set primarily in 19th-century New Zealand, ...Read Review

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