The Lady in Red

Written by Kelly Bowen

Lady Charlotte Beaumont is a woman yearning to create artistic masterpieces, but she lives in Regency England, a time when women’s paintings were not eligible for consideration by the Royal Academy. That same Academy is now gifting a commission to two talented painters. Through a series of fortuitous circumstances, Charlotte, disguised as Charlie, a male artist, is chosen as one of the two candidates. Charlie and Flynn Rutledge must work side by side to create an amazing Renaissance painting to be seen everywhere and financed by the Royal Academy, with all the future patronage such a win will guarantee. Flynn is a talented artist who is ashamed of his low-class background and even more fearful of the passion he’s lost because of a high-class woman who treated him like a toy. All bets are off once Flynn realizes who Charlie really is, and oh does the passion return, in more ways than one. A short, humorous, sweet and rollicking historical romance novella that is a fun read!