The Highlander’s Sword

Written by Amanda Forester
Review by Cindy Vallar

Destined for life in a convent, Lady Aila Graham finds herself exchanging marriage vows with Sir Padyen MacClaren. Facing devastation wrought when their crops are torched in 1347, her father needs strong warriors to defend Graham lands. With Padyen’s people destitute after his long absence fighting in France, marriage is the only way to save them. A previous woman’s betrayal, however, results in a misunderstanding on his wedding night. This rift between the couple permits a traitor within the Graham clan to set a trap that eventually leads to Aila’s imprisonment and possible destruction of the Grahams and Padyen. Only love and trust will stop the impending evil, but are the tenuous ties between Aila and Padyen strong enough to bring them together and protect those they love?

This is a typical historical romance, set predominately in the Lowlands, albeit with a few missteps in the historical research, like the wearing of a belted plaid and calling the two-handed great sword a claymore. In spite of this, readers in search of a story that transports them to medieval Scotland where men and women, who prize honor and duty, face evil villains should enjoy this tale.