The Hellion and the Hero

Written by Emily Sullivan
Review by Shauna McIntyre

The third installment in the A League of Scoundrels series is a satisfyingly steamy romance with a lot of depth to the story. In 1899 London, a young widow with a title must live up to society’s expectations. But what happens if she chooses to forge her own path and take over her dead husband’s business to improve the working lives of women? More than ruffling a few feathers, she angers the male-dominated business community and finds herself in danger.

Captain Harris has tried to forget Lady Arlington for the past eight years without success. A gruff national hero-turned-private investigator, he does his best to avoid society. When Lady Arlington’s brother comes to him with a request to investigate threats against her, he finds himself unable to say no. An unexpected trip together to Monte Carlo reveals just how many layers of influence have been working against them over the years.

With a strong nod to Jane Austen’s Persuasion, this second-chance love story plays with traditional gender roles in a fun and believable way that modernizes the sensibilities without losing the historical feel or accuracy. The romantic tension is slow to build, but it more than makes up for it in the second half of the book.