The Duchess

Written by Bertrice Small
Review by Pat Maynard

Although Allegra Morgan, daughter of the richest man in England, has a flawed pedigree, her father arranges a marriage between her and the arrogant but impoverished Quinton Hunter, Duke of Sedgwick. Because Allegra is convinced that love causes misery, she agrees to the marriage but only on condition that the duke never ask for her love.

I found the storyline, at best disappointing, as is the case with so many of today’s other mislabeled “historical” romances. There were no surprises, little in the way of historical relevance, and no real adventure to speak of; instead, the novel focused mainly on the sexual antics and interchanges between the two main characters. I appreciate well-written love scenes, such as in Gabaldon’s great Outlander series, but this novel was so lacking in substance that it went right into my “most forgettable” category immediately upon finishing the last page.