The Domesday Book (No Not That One)

Written by Howard of Warwick
Review by Richard Tearle

Hastings, 1066 – William has conquered, but he cannot prove it because the body of King Harold is missing. He sends his best man, probably his worst man, a pedantic organiser and a rather cowardly Saxon to find him, with a cover story of making a book listing all the places, all the people and – well, just about everything you can think of.

Meanwhile, four other men – three Viking warriors and a dim-witted local – set out in the North of England for a secret rendezvous in Lincoln. We trace the progress of both parties and their inevitable meeting.

When writing comedy such as this, there will be obvious comparisons with Terry Pratchett and the author just about pulls it off. The characters are, necessarily for this type of writing, over the top – especially that of Duke William and Le Pedvin (his best man) makes a great villain.

Although the comedy wasn’t quite consistent and much of it of the same type, I enjoyed reading this and it provides a good alternative story for that pivotal moment in English History.