The Defender

Written by Bill Mesce Jr.
Review by India Edghill

Major Harry Voss watched Dominick Sisto grow up – and now he may watch him shot by a firing squad if he can’t save him. The Allied forces are mounting increasing offensives against the Nazis, and Lieutenant Sisto is accused of the greatest of military sins: disobeying a direct order, and fleeing under fire. Sisto requests Major Voss as his JAG defense counsel – and to Voss’s surprise, Sisto seems almost resigned to his fate, for the only man who could have cleared his name died on Hill 399 in the Huertgen Forest. Everyone, including Sisto, seems to accept that the verdict will be “guilty”; Voss’s job is to fight for a lesser sentence than death. But as Voss investigates, he learns that in battle, things are seldom what they seem, and that even in a world fighting an all-out war, killing can still be murder.

Once again Bill Mesce has taken us into a world I like to term “war noir”; a world in which men walk down dark alleys of the soul and fight shadow battles of honor and morality against a backdrop of a world at war. An intense and engrossing series.