HNR Issue 26 (November 2003)

Farewell, My Queen

By Chantal Thomas - Published 2003 (US)Published 2004 (UK)


Biographical Fiction

This story of Marie-Antoinette takes place over three days at Versailles, starting with 14 July, 1789. The Hall of Mirrors and other well-known grandeurs are ...Read Review

Days of the Dead

By Barabara Hambly - Published 2003



Hannibal Sefton is in trouble. Ben January’s dearest friend, a gifted musician who suffers from TB, enjoyed a new lease on life ...Read Review

Mrs. Roberto, or, the Widowy Worries of the Moosepath League

By Van Reid - Published 2003



It’s been a long impatient wait for this fourth adventure of Maine’s turn-of-last-century’s intrepid Moosepath League – three years, with Van ...Read Review

The 6th Lamentation

By William Brodrick - Published 2003


Strictly speaking, this is not an historical novel since most of the action takes place in the mid-1990s. However, the events of ...Read Review


By Frances Itani - Published 2003



Born into a large Irish family in Canada, Grania O’Neill has been deaf since childhood due to scarlet fever. Her loving grandmother ...Read Review

Chasing Shakespeares

By Sarah Smith - Published 2003


Alternate HistoryMystery/Crime

“God is a librarian.” This enchanting thought appears in Chasing Shakespeares when something fortuitous or serendipitous occurs related to books and manuscripts. Joe ...Read Review

The Maid of the White Hands

By Rosalind Miles - Published 2003 (US)Published 2004 (UK)


Historical FantasyRomanceSaga

Ten years have passed since Isolde, daughter of the Queen of Ireland, fell in love with Tristan of Lyonesse, her husband’s nephew. ...Read Review

Challenge the Wind

By Debra Tash - Published 2003



It is 1777, Philadelphia is held by the British, American troops suffer myriad hardships, and near Saratoga, New York, the Lloyd family farm is ...Read Review

An Inescapable Match

By Sylvia Andrews - Published 2003



This book had me laughing out loud, always a good sign. Penniless Deborah Staunton returns to her aunt’s house where she spent ...Read Review

Devil’s Cub

By Georgette Heyer - Published 1991 (UK)Published 2003 US (c1932)



The “Devil’s Cub” is Dominic, Marquis of Vidal, one of the wildest rakes in Georgian England. Nothing is too outré for Vidal – ...Read Review

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