The Birthday Scandal

Written by Leigh Michaels
Review by Kathryn Johnson

Popular Regency romances are rarely steeped in rich historical detail. What they do best is to entertain with perky heroines, witty dialogue, dashing playboy heroes, to-die-for period costumes, secrets and misunderstandings, light humor, and just the right spice of sensuality—all cleverly set against a pleasant backdrop of period atmosphere. Many authors attempt this literary game, but few attain the proficiency Leigh Michaels achieves in her latest novel.

In The Birthday Scandal, veteran author Michaels presents three siblings from the Arden clan: Emily, Lucien, and Isabel—each suffering from a trauma of the heart. Emily faces disgrace in the wake of a broken engagement. Lucien is—well, having too much fun to settle down. And Isabel’s husband has vanished following a disastrous wedding night. Their uncle, the wealthy Duke of Weybridge, calls the trio to his birthday ball. Confined to a wheelchair, his health ostensibly failing, he intends to improve on their lives in ways that none of them will foresee until the very end of the novel. Lovers of this genre will rejoice in following Michaels’ characters through the ensuing high jinks, in search of a happy ending for all.