The Betrayed: A novel of the Gifted

Written by Lisa T. Bergren
Review by Viviane Crystal

Daria d’Angelo has several devoted followers, including a few who share her God-given gifts of healing and foresight. Ministering to lepers and others experiencing debilitating illness, Daria is also aware that she is hunted by the diabolic lord Abramo Amidei. Staying what seems like one step ahead of Amidei and those he commands, Daria travels, heals and prays her way through early 14th-century Venice and its outlying cities and islands. Cardinal Boeri and the Doge of Venice want to share Daria’s powers for different reasons of personal gain. In the process of this journey, Daria and her friends seek pieces of a particular fresco containing a peacock and dragon, which the Gifted believe will reveal their task and destiny. Until the novel’s end, Daria never loses her reverence for the sacred. Will there be a future novel about Daria and the Avignon-Rome battle for papal authority? You be the judge as you approach the conclusion of this exciting, mysterious, adventurous and inspiring historical novel.