The Bellingrath Bloodbath

Written by Gregory Harris
Review by Kathryn Johnson

The new Colin Pendragon mystery again draws the sleuth, with his sidekick Ethan, into dark and dangerous affairs. It seems that murder has taken one of Queen Victoria’s own guardsmen. In fact, the killer has struck down both the captain and his wife. Now it’s up to Pendragon, whose reputation for brilliance is said to be undisputed in Victorian London, to nab the murderer. The story gives devotees of Victorian adventure enough gritty London atmosphere as well as pleasant companions for the journey. This is the second novel starring Pendragon – who is as moody, prone to temper and snapping at folks, and mysterious as Conan Doyle’s famous character. But that’s where the obvious challenge lies: can Harris bring Pendragon to life as an individual, making him more than just another Sherlock clone? We learn precious little about the man as he goes through his paces in this book. Readers will hopefully discover more about him (and about Ethan too) in future stories. If so, this could become a welcome and long-running series.