Ten Mile Valley

Written by Wayne D. Overholser
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

During the late 1800s, the Kelton family decides to sell its property and move to eastern Oregon. Eighteen-year-old Mark Kelton survives an attack on his family while on the way to Oregon. An unknown assailant kills his parents. Bronco Curtis discovers Mark wandering the land, lost, and helps him. As he grows older, Curtis teaches him to ride and shoot. They become partners and acquire land in the Ten Mile Valley to raise cattle. Mark continues to look for the murderers who killed his parents and left him an orphan.

Overholser is known for his solid knowledge of the 19th-century West, particularly in Oregon and Colorado. His estate has made this novel available from his unpublished works. I’ve read several of his previous books and found this one does not disappoint.