Sun of Silver, Moon of Gold


In 1837, following her father’s death, Flora Scott is not surprised when her family decides to send her to the New World to stay with her uncle Frank. After all, she is already resigned to her fate – ending up as an old spinster. At 27 years of age, she knows the move would rid her family of an embarrassment, and a dependant.

Flora travels to Chicago, secretly hoping for an adventure. While she awaits collection at the coach stop, she encounters an Indian who helps her with her cases. She immediately notices the arrogant behaviour of the white locals towards him. But she has no time to ponder on the injustice yet. Her uncle’s estate manager, Brent O’Brien, arrives to collect her and takes her to her uncle’s manor house.

As Flora settles in, she is confronted with suspicion by her uncle’s staff, Brent amongst them. She is enraged by the white settlers’ arrogance towards the Indians and stands up against what she considers to be a great injustice. She becomes friendly with an outcast, ignoring warnings and snubs. When actions by the local government to relocate a tribe get out of hand, she hatches a plan and receives help from an unexpected source, Brent. As his bloodline is revealed, they decide to face the truth – and the world –together, regardless of consequences.

Sun of Silver, Moon of Gold is a riveting tale of a young woman’s fight against cruelty and ignorance. It shows the hardships the Indian tribes faced at the hands of the white incomers, and the helplessness of individuals against the majority. That, with a dose of romance, makes excellent reading.



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