Star-crossed Seduction

Written by Jenny Brown
Review by Audrey Braver

In 1820 Captain Miles Trevelyan is home on leave from India. His main purpose is to find a bride and produce an heir before he returns there, in case he does not survive his next tour of duty. On his way to a brothel with another officer, Miles has his pocket picked by an extraordinary beauty. When she is caught by the crowd and about to be handed over to the police, Miles rescues her. Although there is a strong attraction between them, there are many twists and turns before these two Scorpios can find a fit and finally reach their inevitable journey’s end.

This is the second book by Jenny Brown. The beginning is blatant exposition. However, it improves after a few pages and becomes interesting. The hero and heroine are definitely appealing characters, but the plot is formulaic romance fiction despite its twists and turns.