Spirits Revived

Written by Alice Duncan
Review by Kathryn Johnson

This latest book in the long-running Daisy Gumm Majesty series of cozy mysteries opens a year after the death of Daisy’s beloved Billy. Somehow, she’s struggled on, and part of her recovery may be due to her dedication to the wealthy of Pasadena, California, whom she has vowed to help during their own times of need. For Daisy is a spiritualist, although she admits she’s faking it. Still people often seem comforted by her séances and the chance to speak with a beloved departed. The problem arrives rather dramatically in Spirits Revived when a murdered young man sneaks into Daisy’s body and informs the eight people in the room that his death was not suicide as the police claim. Of course, Daisy feels compelled to investigate. These are entertaining, light, clever mysteries with a 1920s flavor and West Coast glitz. Readers of gentle mystery tales will enjoy!