Someone to Care

Written by Mary Balogh
Review by Ray Thompson

A lady and a gentleman meet by accident at a country inn, and both decide to run off together for a brief affair, an escape from the burdens that the world has laid upon them. Unfortunately, the world tracks them down before they are ready, and the pair spend the rest of the time working their way painfully towards a happy ending. This is the bare bones of the plot: the first part focuses upon the state of mind which drove the protagonists to act so impetuously; the second upon the healing process both undergo at a personal and social level.

The fourth in the Westcott series, which explores the impact upon his family of the late Earl of Rivendale’s bigamous marriage, focuses upon Viola Kingsley, who believed, mistakenly, she was his legitimate wife. Family have rallied around, but the wounds of betrayal run deep, and she is on the verge of a breakdown when she meets Marcel Lamarr, Marquess of Dorchester. They had been attracted to each other years ago, but now the flame rekindles. He, however, has his own wounds.

Another wise and insightful Regency romance from one of the finest authors in the genre. Highly recommended.